board meeting: anthony pellegrino

Born in Bronx and raised in the Hudson Valley, Anthony once considered himself a photographer but has grown his art into an eclectic mix of mediums from collage to watercolor.

Do you feel like being an artist has defined you as a person with passion?

It’s the passion that makes me an artist. I can’t do anything well without becoming passionate about it first. 

At what age did you know that you were in fact an artist?

Even though I’ve been a musician and photographer for a while, I didn’t consider myself an artist until I got my first graphic design job in 2012. I spent 9-5 making design art on a computer that I wanted to go home and create messier things using just my hands and have a little more fun with it. I considered that art. 

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

My art is first and foremost for me. It’s like a meditation. A process that keeps me open without judgment. The only goal is to be a fun experience.

Describe the feeling of not knowing what next to create, and you're process to break through the block?

My creative process imitates life - so it also ebbs and flows like life too. I try not to force anything. I can go a few weeks without creating a single thing and then one morning, after a perfect sunrise or one evening after something heavy, inspiration will hit and I’ll easily create twelve pieces I really like.

When do you hold on to your vision and when do you compromise your vision to work with others?

My art is just for me. When I work with others I want to build off their vision. It challenges me and my own creative processes and helps me create things I would have never done otherwise.  

What is the view outside your window?

My studio window looks east towards a row of pine trees that I can watch the sunrise through. The trees are home to a family of cardinals above and groundhog below and always busy with wilderness drama (some bluejays came by this morning).

What is the best food combination possible?

I’m currently reading how most food combinations are counter-productive to nutrient absorption… But I could never say no to a classic and real pizza.

What trend would bring back to life?

Tie-dye for life. I pretty much have one of everything in tie-dye. 

What are you most proud of?

I’m proudest as an uncle and ‘friend dad’ - helping to inspire their passions and imaginations and watching the results evolve in front of me.

Is success in the process or in the result?

For me, it's all about the journey, and not the destination. I have one canvas that I’ve been working on since 2015 ...

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