board meeting: cynthia soroka dunn

Cynthia Soroka-Dunn is a fine art nature photographer.  She has been a photographer for many years.  She feels the most at home when outside taking photographs of amazing environments.  Her goal is to educate people on how breathtaking nature is and to foster an innate desire to protect it and the wildlife that lives within it.

Do you feel like being an artist has defined you as a person with passion?

Yes it has.  Being an artist has given me a different perspective on the world around us and what is important.  It also allows me time to unwind and step back from everyone's daily life.  I love standing in the silence of nature.  Taking a photo and making sure whatever I carry in gets carried out.

What type of camera or cameras do you use? 

Either all Nikon or when using a phone an iPhone.

At what age did you know that you were in fact an artist?

I knew I was an artist when I sold my first photograph at a craft fair that benefited the Demarest Nature Center in NJ.  Then I sold some artwork at North Country Arts that was in Chestertown, NY and now is in Glens Falls, NY.  I am a member of North Country Arts.

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

My inspiration is from nature.  When I am able to gaze at nature through the lens objects come to light that I didn't see without the camera.  A feeling of tranquility comes over me as I look through the lens.  I want people to see the photographs and just know that these areas are so important to us all over the world. 

Describe the feeling of not knowing what next to create, and you're process to break through the block?

So far I have not had any blocks when creating new images.  I just make sure I have a camera no matter where I am.  Inspiration comes in a second.  There are some times when I feel that I need to take a break from being behind a camera and just look at the world around. Unless you always are able to create…. 

When do you hold on to your vision and when do you compromise your vision to work with others?

I do not work with others when taking photographs of nature.  I sometimes get suggestions of locations or what to take from my Husband.  He has a lot of great suggestions.  Otherwise when I see an image I can immediately see if it can be an amazing photograph.  I can look at a location and the way the sun is folding over a subject and the composition of the photograph comes to life before me and then I take the photograph.

What is the view outside your window?

Depends what window I look out, but in a few areas the woods, a lot of trees.

What is the best food combination possible?

Eating almost anything vegan, especially vegan chocolate cake.  One great combination is Peanut Butter and Jelly.

What trend would bring back to life?

Compassion, caring and peace.  We all surrounded by the negative these days.  We need to bring back a more simple life.  Trend?  Pet Rocks maybe.

What are you most proud of?

My nature photography and writing 6 books and publishing them.  My nature photography and writing 6 books and publishing them.  Also producing my own radio station called Nature Mountain Radio.

Is success in the process or in the result?

Both.  You have to take the photo first and that can be a struggle.  It could mean changing your schedule.  It could be hiking to the pinnacle to take the photo, or kayaking into an area you can't take a photograph of from just driving to.  Taking a photograph is a journey.  The destination is the photograph.  

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