board meeting: greg di folco

Greg started drawing and painting when he was 5. He grew up in NJ and now resides in Westchester. Through his website,,  he aims to create a new genre of portrait art. That is, drawing and painting people who are different. Some have disabilities or other unique challenges, and others are just different.

For Greg, art is all about expressing emotions and aesthetics. He is not very interested in subject matter or the "intellectualization" of art as he feels that takes away from it. Follow your feelings, and hope your results are aesthetically powerful.

Do you feel like being an artist has defined you as a person with passion?

I see things in almost the opposite way. I was born a passionate person, and making fine art is just one of the ways I show my passion.

At what age did you know that you were in fact an artist?

I don’t really see things like that. I don’t think the word “artist” is thatdescriptive. I think everyone is an artist in a different way. Art, I believe, is anything that comes from your heart.

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

My inspirations come from my feelings. These feelings create lines, colors, forms, colorful my mind. I combine all of these things and throw whatever I find onto the paper or canvas. These feelings, and this imagery in my mind guides me.

Describe the feeling of not knowing what next to create, and you're process to break through the block?

The feeling is disappointment and some fear. I break through, either by diving in and facing my fear, or, I get a feeling of joy or energy that drives me to draw or paint.

When do you hold on to your vision and when do you compromise your vision to work with others?

I have not yet compromised my vision. But, I will, to some degree, if I could earn money to help my family. But only to some degree.