board meeting: kaija sabbah

Black / North African / Amazigh/ Jewish self taught multidisciplinary artist. Born in a rain forest in California. Influenced by tribalism, unapologetic womanism, rock and roll & spirituality.

Do you feel like being an artist has defined you as a person with passion?

It’s definitely hard to separate the two. My brain is constantly running with ideas. I wake up everyday with ideas itching to get out.

At what age did you know that you were in fact an artist?

i don’t think I even had a concise moment. It was just always something I did. Both my parents are artists so I always had a lot of materials around. I’ve been paintings my whole life, had my first art opening at 13 & have been selling my work since then.

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

something I love about working is that my inspiration comes from everything. Songs, books, conversations, nature. I just try to pay attention & there’s usually something there to get inspiration from.

Describe the feeling of not knowing what next to create, and you're process to break through the block?

it’s usually more a matter of getting through to every idea before I loose interest. I work with a lot of different mediums so I think just alternating between them keeps me inspired.

When do you hold on to your vision and when do you compromise your vision to work with others?

I don’t actually work with other people often. I do commissions but I’m usually pretty open to other people’s ideas. I do have a rule that I don’t do work with or for racists, misogynists or people who have expressed bigotry.

What is the view outside your window?

I live in the mountains so I have some really lovely trees outside my window. It’s a beautiful view

What is the best food combination possible?

chocolate hazelnut/ dates an almonds/ pickled lemons & cream cheese sandwich

What trend would bring back to life?

romantic philosophy

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of things I’ve been able to leave behind. I’m proud of maintaining loving relationships. I’m proud of the work that I do.

Is success in the process or in the result?

it’s all about the process for me. The process is where I want to live. I feel like I figure out a lot of things by doing them, what works/ what doesn’t/ how I feel. I’m very thankful for the process of all things.

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