musings: sza's broken clocks video

the eclectics are music fanatics. none of us play instruments per-say (though we've both been known to own guitars, violins, pianos, beginner drum kits and possibly a recorder at one point) or can really sing to a point that is worth noting, but nonetheless we love music. music can set a soundtrack to life, or a moment in time, which is what fuels and inspires so much of our work. below we share five music videos that ignite our passion to create.

sza's broken clock music visual reminisces on camp, and shows the most diverse cast of fashionable characters coexisting so seamlessly in the world she creates for us. she shows us casting different skin tones equally actually makes he atmosphere more beautiful and inviting. what a fucking concept....

sonder's too fast video in its entirety is up for interpretation. powerful in all its imagery, you can't help but turn away from the intensity set to the melodic ghostly sounds only he knows how to create to such perfection.

asap sundress video is frozen in time, simplistic in its approach with imagery that aligns perfectly with the tune. the party you were probably happy to miss, with flashes of a romance past that we all can only just dream of.

if you haven't seen childish gambino's this is america video yet that's on you.

we discovered kali uchi's riding low in 2015 through the barbie video collaboration (shown below) she did with the shoe goddess sophia webster. the vibe inspires ethereal grunge and hints flavors of her roots accompanying the full video for the song. set in her ancestral colombia, we get to ride along a day in the life of kali.

audio playlist here