some rules.  i've always been mildly rebellious so don't worry there's not a lot of rules, but we need to keep some sh*t in order. 

#1 positive vibes only.  cliche af but this is seriously just about not being serious.  leave all the drama for your mama, for real.  if you plan to complain stay home.  we just want to have a good time.  leave all your worries at home and pick them up after the events. 

21+ - most events will include the option of drinking, so, that's that. 

please rsvp to events you are attending. this just helps with headcount.  

no kids, please :)  we love kids but this adult time to have open conversations about whatever we want without the interruption of your cute critters.  this also helps everyone let go.  so secure your sitters now you milfs + zaddy's.

all are welcome. unless something wildly offensive happens, everyone is welcome in this club. 

respect everyone, always.  in these trying times, things have gotten tense.  i'd personally like to avoid political topics and discussions of rampant diseases during club hours to give us some peace of mind, but we are not here to control the conversation.  differing views may arise and that's ok.  let everyone have their opinions and simply move on.  this isn't debate club and no one is running for president. 

as specified above, unless there is something wildly offensive that occurs, we are all welcome to have our own minds, perspectives, experiences, opinions, etc. etc. etc. 

CREEPS STRICTLY FORBODEN - This one is more for the ladies (b/c ya know, we deal with a lot), but if someone shows and creeps you out, let me know after the event and we'll take care of it aka I'll remove them from the mailing list and take further action if needed. 

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